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In a country emerging from the ashes of unrest, forces struggle to shape a nation’s future. Where nothing is ever exactly as it seems, it’s never easy choosing sides. It’s an icy spider web where everything is somehow connected and everyone is separated by only the fewest degrees. In the moral blizzard, there are the noble few, who stand as beacons of sanity and justice.
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GOAL DREAMS is a feature length documentary film about national and personal identity as seen through a team like no other. Comprised of multiple cultures, speaking different languages and having no home field...
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Women across the Middle East are trying to reclaim their role as leaders in Islam. Veiled Voices goes in-depth into the world of three Muslim women religious leaders, who say women were always meant to be powerful within the religion. Filmed over the course of two years in Lebanon...
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Life in Lebanon in the aftermath of the unexpected and suddenly ignited war between Hezbollah and Israel in July of 2006.
Take a look at the six main religions in India while exploring the breath-taking architecture and landscape of India's holy sites.
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Historian William Dalrymple goes on a personal journey into the mystical and musical side of Islam as he charts the traditions of Sufi music in Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Morocco.
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This documentary tells the story of Gandhi the man, and the remarkable personal journey he took to become the icon we know today as one of the most important figures of the 20th Century.
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A powerful documentary that follows the journey of five asylum seekers who have been rejected from countries they made momentous journeys to get to.
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This documentary highlights the conversations of seven female religious leaders as they talk about everything from fear to the role of art, from 9/11 to interfaith community building.
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When American agents in Sweden deport 2 Egyptian men, the question of how far is too far when fighting terrorism is raised.
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