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Some of the bloodiest conflicts in history have been over religion. Some of the most vicious have not been between people of different religions but between those who claim to profess the same faith. Narrated by Tom Baker, Essentials of Faith sets out to discover what, despite the internal arguments, are the core beliefs of the major world religions.
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Adbal Hakim Murad gives lectures on Repentance, Patience and Gratitude, Fear and Hope, and Poverty and Renunciation.
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Imam Siraj Wahaj, John Esposito and Imama Johari discuss the true teachings of Islam
There are a number of Jewish traditions and practices that go unobserved and unnoticed by the modern secular world. This compelling fly-on-the-wall series reveals something fascinating about the laws, traditions and the philosophy of Judaism.
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Jumah Prayers at different Mosques across America.
In this first of its kind TV show, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield is joined by Christian and Muslim leaders to look at world events from their common Abrahemic Roots.
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A Jewish Rabbi takes a journey across the United States in search of Islamic wisdom, meeting with leading Imams and teachers who are making a real impact on the American religious landscape. Together, they bravely explore the tough questions that are often asked behind closed doors about how faith in general and Islam in particular affect our world.
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