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Catch your favorite American Classics right here on Bridges TV. From Charlie Chaplin to Buster Keaton to Phantom of the Opera and Sherlock Holmes cracking the case, they are all right here on Weekends at 8.30p ET / 9.30p PT.
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WORLD IN AMERICA is a series that explores the challenges and contributions of people from every corner the globe as they come to call the U. S. home. Each show highlights a different ethnic community. Groups with longtime roots in this country and those who have recently arrived will share their stories and voice their experiences.
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This first of its kind documentary takes viewers on a journey deep into the natural environments of Arabia's mountain, desert and coastal ecosystems, featuring terrestrial and marine Arabian wildlife.
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Arabia 3D takes viewers deep into an exotic land steeped in 2,000 years of ancient history and unique customs not found anywhere else in the world. As if on a magic carpet ride across this desert kingdom, audiences will discover the lost city of Madain Saleh, explore its ancient tombs, travel with a camel caravan along the early frankincense trade route...
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Presenter Ben Anderson journeys down some of the world's most dangerous rivers to meet the armies, villagers and local tribes as they undertake the daily struggle to live beside the rivers of political unrest.
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Takes a different look at a country widely perceived as backward, dangerous and a hotbed for terrorism, driven by Islamic fundamentalism at odds with the modern age.
With author Edward Lear's writings and drawings as a guide, Robert Horne follows Lear's journey through th the southern Balkans, where he encounters fascinating reminders of a turbulent past and the warmth of the modern inhabitants.
The ultimate adventure travel guide to exploring the world. Join our intrepid travelers on a dazzling journey of thrilling experiences exploring the recipes, history and culture of the fascinating regions.
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